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I'm Femke de Jong, a freelance illustrator-animator-designer originally from the Netherlands. I have been active since 2008.

I work from from my studio in Bristol, UK, or Amsterdam, and sometimes elsewhere in the world..

I love to tell a story through my images, often allegorical or whimsical. I juxtapose and mix drawn and found elements to create collages with a classic, yet contemporary feel.

Drawing, print- and mark-making are a passion of mine.

The beauty of nature and the peculiarities of

every day life around the world, in past and

present times move me and my work.

Surrealists/Dadaists like Ernst, Magritte and Hannah Höch inspire me, but also Bauhaus, Jan Svankmajer, Gilliam, Arcimboldo and many more.

Some of my clients include : BBC, New York Times, Le Monde, Times Higher Education, Radio Times, Reader's Digest, Haymarket Publishing, Dennis Publishing, Walk, Spears, Alimentarium, Anne Carrière and Sallie Mae.

​If you want to enquire about anything,

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I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For any other licensing enquiries please contact

my reps at Ryan or Heidi at info@spinningyarnreps.com

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